Founded in 2013, Black on Both Sides’ mission is to highlight the voices and experiences of Black/African American foster youth while launching a direct action organizing campaign to address root causes of the foster care to prison pipeline. We believe in centering the lives and stories of those most directly impacted by racist systems and institutions, and using story sharing, laughter, and direct action organizing to bring long term sustainable change to both the foster care system and prison system.

Charity Hope Tolliver (Founder, Director) is a mother, writer, and spoken word artist, and former director of organizing for one of the largest and oldest organizing groups in Chicago, Southwest Youth Collaborative. In her almost two decades as an organizer, she has worked on campaigns on a broad range of issues, including fair housing, labor rights, school reform, prison reform, and LGBTQ youth rights. In 2012, she was selected as one of seven activists nationwide to receive the Alston Bannerman Fellowship, given to outstanding seasoned community organizers of color. In 2013, she received a Soros Justice Fellowship to found Black on Both Sides.

Lottie Steele (Parent Organizer)

Black on Both Sides Collective
Deana Lewis
Sade Richmond
Camille Odeh
Quabeeny Daniels
Hanan Hanna
Chassidy Boyd
Alexandra Navedo
Keisha Matthew
Antonia Clifford
Jazmyne Walker


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