No to HB3288! No to Expanded Mandated Reporting!
(launched Spring 2017)
Black on Both Sides stands in opposition to Illinois House Bill 3288, which aims to extend Mandated Reporter status to EVERY Illinois citizen. We believe that this bill, if it were to become law, would put MORE Illinois children and families at risk. This campaign is a collaboration with other Illinois-based organizations. More information pending.

Parents of Children in Foster Care
(launched Summer 2016)
More information pending.

Co-Sleeping Campaign
(launched August 2015)
The Black on Both Sides Co-sleeping Campaign serves to shine a light on the ways in, which the current statewide and national criminalizing of co-sleeping further marginalizes working-class communities of color.

Please check Black on Both Sides Co-Sleeping Campaign for updates on upcoming events.

Do Not Call Campaign
In  2017, BBS will partner with other Chicago grassroots organizations to discuss community accountability and ways communities can come together to support families and individuals keeping state intervention to a minimum.